Craziest Online Slots Themes

Online slot machines offer us hours of entertainment on the screens of our phones, laptops or tablets. What makes them so appealing is that they have incredible visuals, accompanied by music that draws us in. To play slots is to have an experience with the characters from that slot. Often these characters are famous people or from the movies we love.

It is therefore only natural that we are drawn to slots, like a moth to a flame. They provide us with great entertainment, through characters that we can relate to in some way or the other. While these slots are so amazing, there are some slots that are also weird and crazy. They provide you with an even bigger ‘ride’ the moment you hook up to them.

Order In My Court – Judge Judy

Who doesn’t love Judge Judy? She is the forerunner of strong women that gets the job done. While keeping that in mind, she is also at the height trashy day time television, still an awesome achievement. This is probably the exact reason why she is so popular. Each episode sucks us in and we cannot look away. Be prepared to be sucked into the Judge Judy online slot.

The game features images that represent items in a court room, like the gavel. It also features the logo and imagery of the Judge herself. There is a bonus round ‘You make the call’, where you watch video clips of actual cases on the show and if you and Judy reach the same verdict, you win multipliers. How crazy is it, that through slots you get to be a judge with your bestie Judge Judy.

Oh Say Can You See – Obama Slots

If you want a crazy fun filled ride with an online slot, while still feeling patriotic about the Star-Spangled Banner, then we highly recommend playing Obama Slots. You read that correctly. The 44th president of the United States of America, will forever be immortalized through this insane slot machine named in his honour.

But he is not the only president you will encounter in this fun game. You can meet Bill Clinton, George Bush, JFK, Ronald Reagan and even as far back as Abraham Lincoln. The caricatures used for this slot is insanely funny and entertaining. Spinning your way through iconic USA imagery, you may even encounter some other famous politicians.

A Merry Christmas To You- 40 Shades of Santa

If you were of the opinion that Santa just brings treats for boys and girls, then you have to play ’40 Shades of Santa’. Based on the EL James ’50 Shades of Grey’ book trilogy, this slot has a Christmas twist added to the fishnet stockings and red lipstick. The images show Santa and his new Mrs Claus, that is by far sexier than the original granny like image.

Spin your way through whips and chains as you try to get a special treat from Santa. How bizarre, that you could meet Santa and his sexy Mrs Claus, through handcuffs on an online slot machine. So, put on the mask and grab your flogger while we spin this highly entertaining slot.