Review on The Oldest Casinos Still in Operation

Gambling has had a rocky start. From being a great past time to suddenly getting banned and then finally the ban was lifted again after many years. Casinos have therefore been around for a long time and so many of these old monuments are still in operation. When the ban was in place, they were expanded to become hotels and holiday resorts. But when ban was lifted, those old tables were dusted off and put right back where they belonged.

Many of these old buildings still look exactly as they once did, with the exception of technological upgrades, and when you visit them it is as if you are stepping right back into history. Our exploration of oldest casino’s starts with the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in The United States of America. This grandfather of casinos is probably the oldest one in operation in The States.

Located at 1 Fremont Street in Las Vegas, this beautiful casino was established in 1906 where it operated for 3 years as a casino before the ban was put in place in 1909. It was only in 1931 that Golden Gate was once again graced with slot machines and gambling tables. Proving that all good things do indeed come to those that wait.

Venice, The One Where It Began

Travelling away from America and into Europe we can visit the oldest standing casino that is still to this day, in operation. The architectural marvel that is the Casino di Venezia was built in 1638 on the Venice Canal. It wasn’t always called that though. When it was built, some 400 years ago, it was called the Theatre Saint Moses and it had a wing dedicated to gambling. This was where people would spend their time during productions that they wished to see at the theatre.

Not only is this the oldest form a casino still in exitance today, but this very same casino sparked a casino craze throughout Venice that boomed into about 120 more such establishment in about 100 years. The rest of the world followed the example, wherever possible, and we can truly say that the Casino di Venezia – or Theatre Saint Moses – is the one that started it all.

Belgium’s Renovated Beauty

The Casino de Spa was built in Belgium in 1763. The beauty stood for many years, but unfortunately during the second world war, due a to a fire outbreak, some of the buildings outer and inner walls were completely destroyed. It was only in 1918 that they were able to rebuild it back to its former glory.

Casino de Spa in Belgium - oldest casinos in the world

However, the process was slow and even though the building was completed, it is only in the 1980’s that complete renovations were able to take place. The marvellous building still stands and is operating as a great casino and spa resort.

These are just three of the worlds oldest casinos that were built and are still operating. Of course, there are many more and a quick online search will open the historical world of NZD casinos and worldwide casinos to you. Surely this is a great way to plan your next trip around the world. Not only can you admire the old buildings but enjoy your favourite casino games while you are there.