Real Time Gaming’s Crazy Vegas Online Slots Reviewed

Crazy Vegas is an online slots game created by Real Time Gaming. A brand renowned for creating graphic-rich games with fun and immersive themes, this release is another fine offering.

This online slots game draws its inspiration from Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. The reels are emblazoned with everything that Vegas is famous for, including showgirls, casino chips, Elvis impersonators and stacks of cash. The richly coloured purple background adds an element of luxury to the game and the logo instantly makes you think of casinos in the Nevada hotspot.

Game Basics

Just like most of Real Time Gaming’s video slots, Crazy Vegas features 2 reels and 20 paylines. The paylines are customisable, so players can choose to activate between 1 and 20 at a time. Bets start at as low as 0.01 and go up to 0.25.

There’s an AutoPlay option for any player who wants to speed up results and this can be set for a specific number of spins, or until coins run out. To halt the AutoPlay feature manually there is a stop button too.

Bets per lines and active paylines are selected by using the up and down arrow keys and as this game is so well laid out, it is also a good option for beginners.

Winning in Crazy Vegas

To win in Crazy Vegas a player will need to line up 3 consecutive symbols left to right on an enabled payline. The Elvis impersonator and the showgirl’s pay out 150x a players bet, the 10, J, Q, K and A and the Vegas showman pays out 95x, and the dice and roulette wheel payout x45. The cash pile is Crazy Vegas’ highest paying out symbol and by lining up 5 of these symbols in a row, a player will claim a 300x payout.

Slot Features

In Crazy Vegas slot, the Wild and Scatter symbol are one and the same.  The Wild will stand in for any other symbol on an active payline to create a winning combination, whilst the Scatter acts as a multiplier. Should you land the Scatter 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels you will be rewarded with 5x, 10x or 100x your bet.

Free Spins

If the Scatter symbol lands on reels 2,3 and 4 it will trigger the free spins feature. Each of the free spins symbols will then reveal a hidden number and the first two will added together will equal the number of free spins awarded, whilst the 3rd number determines the multiplier, should a player attain a winning result.

Big Bonus

In Crazy Vegas the Big Bonus feature is activated when the Big Bonus symbol lands on reels 1 and 5. These 2 reels will then spin again and a player must hit the casino bonus button to bring them to a halt. When the reels stop spinning players will need to multiply the 2 numbers together, and then multiply them by their bet to determine the size of their win.

Progressive Jackpot

Crazy Vegas has a progressive jackpot that grows with every bet placed. This jackpot is triggered completely at random and a player does not need to have a winning spin in order to be on the receiving end of a progressive jackpot payout.