The Niche Sports That Can Be Bet On

When it comes to sports betting, the main focus of attention is NFL, NBA, and of course football. But if a punter cares to look away from the mainstream, there are a number of other sports that can also be bet on.

These sports are referred to as a niche market, but certainly make up a good percentage of the sporting world in terms of viewership. Plus, yes, it is legal to place bets on the matches.


It says a great deal that the average NFL superstar looks like a truck with legs, while many of the best darts players in the world sport beer bellies. It is this charming contrast that attracts many niche punters to the world of professional darts.

Most aren’t aware that there is not one, but two professional darts leagues in the world. Namely; the Professional Darts Corporation and the Premier League of Darts.

Make no mistake, however, just because some of the champions have beer bellies, it doesn’t mean they aren’t also incredibly accurate with darts, almost to a degree that defies belief.

As far as betting is concerned, there are not only betting opportunities to wager on outright winners, but also a number of interesting prop bets.

Aussie Rules Football

There is American Football, and then there is Aussie Rules, otherwise known as AFL. Upon first viewing, it will look like the AFL is nothing more than insane chaos on an oval shaped field. This chaos is, indeed, exactly why Aussie Rules is so popular.

The sport is full contact, players are allowed to use any part of their body to interact with the ball, and if you haven’t already guessed, injuries are indeed extremely common. The kicker? Players also don’t wear any padding or protection, which is nothing short of dumbfounding.

The AFL has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the years, mostly because fans of NFL and rugby are in disbelief that such a sport actually exists. Of course, betting on AFL has also seen a dramatic increase in popularity, with many punters saying that it is simply the most fun sport to bet on.

There are, of course, a number of benefits to betting on a sport this chaotic, and this niche. Namely that sportsbooks don’t scrutinise the sport nearly as much as NFL or NBA, which means that upsets are a regular occurrence.


Last we have a sport completely opposite from the insanity of the AFL; snooker. The slow, thoughtful pace of the game makes it an excellent choice for relaxed punters, with plenty of opportunities to put down wagers during the ‘action.’

Though, don’t be fooled. Given how old snooker is, and how many incredibly good players there are, all over the world, this is an immensely competitive field. Results are often so tight as to be nail-biting, with most matches coming down to either payer making just a single, insignificant mistake.

Even still, there are plenty of opportunities for punters to get action.