Wild Rockets Slot at a Glance

Wild Rockets Slot at a Glance for Online Casino Players

Fireworks light up the reels for players who decide to enjoy Wild Rockets online slots, with this game being Net Entertainment’s answer to all things pyrotechnic. This game is by no means a standard five-reel slots game, with the format for it arranged as an inverted triangle, with the first and fifth reels sporting three symbols; the second and fourth four icons; and the centre reels five. The game does not base its payouts on paylines either, focussing on bet ways instead, and offers credit when particular icon combinations appear on players’ reels. This means that players are able to enjoy a superb 720 Ways to Win as they make their way to the big time and try to burn away their no-money blues.

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Tips For Playing Bingo Online

For years bingo has been associated with retirement homes and the elderly; a simple game to pass the time. If you’ve ever played a round of bingo, you’ll know that it’s an action-packed game – if you play it right of course.

Nowadays, you can choose between playing bingo at a brick and mortar casino or online – the latter if which is simpler to do and provides a lot more options. In the same way that online slots offer more variety and are available anytime and anywhere, so can bingo.

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A Quick Overview On How To Bet On Horses

Horse racing is one of the oldest gambling forms around the world, and with the option to enjoy placing bets on races that are held around the world, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and bet as you see fit. However, there is an art to it which can help you start to weigh up the odds before putting your money down. The below guide will give you all you need to consider before making your next horse racing wager.

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Quick Poker Tips

With online poker it is so easy to play a multitude of hands. And the misconception is that the more hands you have open, the bigger is your chance for a win. But it is a misconception. While you might stand a bigger chance at winning, if the odds are forever in your favour, you will also burn through your poker chips at a much faster rate.

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Online Slots Jackpots: The Biggest Ever Won

Both online and offline slots have grown exponentially in terms of jackpots over the past couple of decades. While some prefer the traditional casino atmosphere, many gamblers now make use of online slots from the comfort of their own homes. Here we take a look at a few of the largest jackpots ever to be won online.

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Are VR Casino Games The Future?

The world has gone digital and day to day tasks and experiences have gone completely virtual. While the rise of technology has been much anticipated, the dawn of the digital era is here, and with it, more innovative technologies to enhance the online gaming experience.

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