Quick Poker Tips

With online poker it is so easy to play a multitude of hands. And the misconception is that the more hands you have open, the bigger is your chance for a win. But it is a misconception. While you might stand a bigger chance at winning, if the odds are forever in your favour, you will also burn through your poker chips at a much faster rate.

The key is to play fewer hands, but to play all of them aggressively. That’s right, play each one as if it is a winning hand, Even a hand with only a pair of sevens. This allows you to focus better on what you have and it confuses other players. They will never know how good or bad your hand might be, if you play with the same passion for each of your hands.

Know When to Call It

True that we just said that you should play each hand as aggressively as the next, but there comes a point where you just have to admit that your hand is not going to get you anywhere. When a hand is completely lost, instead of bluffing your way through it, call it. You do not want to waste unnecessary chips on a hand that is really just milking you dry.

This should be part of your game plan. The plan you devise for how you are going to play your game, your strategy if you will. It is also important to have a preflop plan and if you feel you cannot develop your own, the internet is full of free ones that you can download and use. The most difficult part of the preflop is sticking to it, no matter what.

Don’t Go In Blind

This point seems kind of a given, but it is important to state it, as not many people do actually follow this point. Learn the rules of the game before you sit down at your online poker table or playing any Australian slots online game. Know which variant of poker you are playing and make sure that you understand completely what the rules for said variant is, and that you understand them.

This is not a point where you should be happy to learn as you go along. One wrong bet could cost you a lot of money the moment you start betting. Just because you know the game and rules perfectly, be gracious about it and help players who do not. This won’t make you win, but it will make the other players like you and less likely for them to want to send you packing.

Feel Good About The Game

Very importantly is to always play when you are in a good space.  To Tilt is to play when you are not in a good space. Yes, this is so popular and happens so often that a word – Tilt – was given to describe it. Many professional players have spoken of how they have flushed away thousands of dollars when they themselves are tilting.