An Overview Of The Best Soccer Bets To Make

When it comes to sports games soccer is one of the most popular, especially when it comes to making a bet or two to earn some cash back for your team spirit. Whether it’s FIFA you’re watching or a local team, the below cover the best types of soccer bets to consider.

Money Line

One of the quickest and most common bets to make, a money line bet (also known as a match outcome bet) is where you place a wager on whether the team will win (either at home or away), draw the match with their opponents, or lose the match.

Over / Under Total Goals

The second most popular bet type for soccer is the over/ under bet. At its core, this type of bet is one in which you are wagering on the outcome of the total number of goals which teams can make, and your money is betting whether the goal total from both teams will be over or under what the sportsbook predicts.

Score / No Score

With this type of wager, you’re only betting on the fact that you believe both teams will – or won’t score. It’s a very popular option due to its simplicity in that the teams either will make a goal, or won’t.

Both Teams To Score

Some sports bookkeepers will offer the ability to bet purely on if you believe both teams will score. It’s that easy, and if you’re correct, you’ll be able to quickly collect your wager at the end of the match.

Exact Score

When you wager on an exact (or correct) score, you’re wagering on the exact finishing score for each side. It’s far harder than it sounds and as such, is not as popular a betting option as the ones previously mentioned. Score combinations often include 7-5, 3-1, or 2-3.

Halftime Results

When you’re short on time, it may be best to go for a halftime wager. This type of bet covers who you believe will be leading the game at half time. You pick your team and state if you think they’ll be winning, at a draw, or at a point loss.

Match Goal Predictions

If you’re hoping for a good payout, then the match goal predictions while challenging, is one of the highest paying bets you can make. To do one, you’ll need to accurately pick the exact number of combined goals which are scored during the whole match in order to win.

First Goals Scorer / Team

With this type of bet, you are placing your money on who you believe the first goal scorer will be. It is a very straightforward bet to make, and you can pick from any player on either team. If you want to up your winning odds, ensure you know who the top main scorers are for each side. Alternatively, a first scorer team is when you pick which team will score first.

Anytime Goal Scorer

For a better chance of getting your wager paid out, you can look at the anytime goal scorer bet. In this, you pick a single player who you believe will score a goal at some point during the game. If you’re right, you’ll get paid out.

There are several other bet types available, including parlay bets where you can stack betting options above into a single high-wager bet. However, that type of stackable bet should only be considered once you’ve mastered the other bet types listed above.