Tennis Betting Tips for Sports Bettors

Tennis is a popular sport among sports bettors. Aside from tennis being one of the oldest sports played, the way in which the sport is played, and its Grand Slams and other big tournaments structured, make for a market full of variables and variety. Bettors love the luxury of choice and of being presented with a wide variety of options. This is why tennis in particular, isn’t only a great sport to bet on, but also a sport particularly stimulating in terms of fan engagement opportunities.

But variety aside, every successful bettor realises and acknowledges the value of narrowing the options down to a handful of bets. This helps with the implementation of a specific strategy as well as proving useful in the self-discipline department.

In the end, success belongs to those mindful of a few golden rules when betting on tennis.

Value is Crucial

This may seem a bit like stating the obvious. But it’s important enough to warrant repeated mention. When wanting to show a profit, its important to only bet when there is value. A good tennis betting system will always leave the bettor remaining with a handful of select contests capable of creating betting value.

It Helps to Specialise

Having your pick of options certainly is wonderful, but in order to be successful, its equally important to specialise. And due to the large number of matches and tournaments being played all throughout a typical year, specialising is especially important when betting on tennis. Successful tennis bettors typically focus on a single area only, for e.g. either men’s or women’s tennis events, or even only on Grand Slam tournament events.

Multiple Bookie Accounts

If successful betting is first of all about value, then second on the list would have to be the ability to make the most of the odds. Having a variety of odds at your disposal as opposed to odds posted by one or two bookies only, can make a huge difference to the eventual outcome – especially when considered over an extended period of time.

Keeping Up-to-Date Records

This is as true for tennis as what it is for betting on any other sport. A proper record should include dates, tournaments, odds, the types of bets wagered on each tournament, the bookmaker used for each recorded bet, the amount wagered, and whether nor not each bet proved successful.

This will enable you to identify the types of bets you’re particularly good at, which bets proved historically most profitable, which bets resulted in money lost, etc. Every successful sports bettor knows the value of becoming familiar with the benefit of hindsight.

Become Aware of Surfaces

Certain players favour certain surfaces. Why? Because players are often better at playing on one or two particular surfaces than on some others. Knowing how to couple surfaces with playing styles are of utmost importance when predicting tennis outcomes.

Become Aware of Playing Styles

Thanks to the wonders of technology, its now possible to quickly familiarise yourself with playing styles. Playing styles are valuable outcome-indicators, especially when taken into account within the context of being coupled with playing surfaces.