Taking a Deep Look at Pai Gow Poker Online

The game of poker is a highly regarded and respected casino table game, and one that has seen a lot of popularity over its lifetime. Due to its intense levels of preference from the players this type of card game has also seen many different variations surface, with slightly different rules but with enough of the core fundaments so the game can still be referred to as poker. With Pai Gow Poker, and in particular this version from Play’n Go, the rules and gameplay are fairly easy to understand and since this is technically a game of video poker, also pretty easy to setup and start playing.

Players will be introduced to the game of Pai Gow Poker when the screen first brightens to show the green felt of the card table and the simple structure of players versus dealer becomes apparent. Unlike most poker games and video poker games however, in this variation gamblers must form to separate hands from a total of 7 cards, one comprising of just 2 cards and the other a more standard 5. Fundamentally, players beat the dealer on only a double hand win, whilst a win and a tie pushes, and the reverse, goes to the dealer, allowing for a modicum of house edge to slip through.

How to Play Video Pai Gow Poker

This video poker variation from Play’n Go is originally from Asia where the game is played with dominoes instead of cards. Fortunately somewhere along the way the game was westernised to the point of adding cards as a substitute and the rest is history. To begin this game of Pai Gow Poker players first choose a bet size from the available options. This is a fairly broad range, courtesy of the developers, to allow for a more balanced reach with the players. Once the bet is made it comes time to deal and sort.

In this poker variation players are dealt 7 cards as mentioned above, with the objective to create two different hands comprising of a hand of 2 and 5. In this video Pai Gow Poker from Play’n Go players can choose between doing the hand building manually or automatically as per the house standard. Manually players receive cards one by one and must then sort them into the responding hands as they come up, with the important realisation that in this game of poker the 2 card hand must be of a lower hand value than that of the 5 card hand. Once the hands are formed the player and dealer compare each respective hand to the other and a winner is deduced, although it is most often a tie in this game.

Final Assessment of this Pai Gow Poker

It is clear then that this is a rather different variation of the traditional game of poker, which makes it both a little strange but also definitely something unique and potentially interesting to players looking to mix up their table gaming experience online. Overall this video Pai Gow Poker game from Play’n Go has some well earned merit.