Making The Switch From Live To Online Poker

While it’s true that Poker is Poker no matter the forum, making the switch from the live casino environment to playing online can be daunting. This is because the world online Poker is a unique playing environment with its own conventions, lingo, etiquette, and standards.

An example of a key difference many online Poker beginners seem to have difficulty adapting to at first is the actual speed of play. The speed at which a round of Poker is played typically impacts players in one of two ways. The first is the so-called “feel” of the new environment as opposed to what the player may have been used to in a live casino setting, and the other is the famous “multiplier effect”. Since a greater number of hands are played in a relatively shorter space of time when playing online as opposed to playing in a live Poker room, playing a losing game will mean losing much more over a shorter space of time. Thankfully, the flip side is true also.

Getting Used To The Timer

When playing online gambling casino NZ games, a time clock will allow the player only a certain amount of time during which to make a decision. Though the method of timing varies from one online Poker site to the next, the amount of time typically allowed per betting decision is usually between 15 and 30 seconds.

It’s important to get comfortable with the rules of the site you’re playing on before participating in actual games or tournaments requiring real-money bets. Helpful in this regard would be playing in practice mode or initially sticking to free-roll tournaments only. Since playing with a timer constantly counting down the seconds can be psychologically jarring at first, it’s always a good idea to allow yourself the necessary time to first get comfortable with the clock before going all-in.

Invest In Some Audio Gear

Something many players find especially helpful is the beeping sound made by Poker sites whenever it becomes your turn to perform an action. Being able to rely on an alarm of sorts can go a long way towards helping you relax – instead of remaining seated in the same position for hours on end for fear of missing your turn.

Also keep in mind that in the event that your time limit does end up expiring before you’ve indicated your decision, the majority of online Poker sites will fold your hand. Very few sites will automatically check without being first prompted to do so.

Avoid Super-Fast Tables

As if dealing with an online timer isn’t already unsettling enough as it is, some online Poker rooms offer to players the opportunity to play even more hands per hour by picking up the speed right here.

These tables will always have some sort of an indication of faster play in their descriptions – for example, “turbo” or “speed play”, etc.

Speed-tables aren’t intended for beginners and it would be wise to completely avoid these until such time as you’re 100% comfortable with the comparatively faster progression of online Poker.