History of the Video Slots That You Never Heard

Slots are the most played casino games across the globe, both in brick and mortar establishments and online. Over the years these reel spinning games have been adapted, improved upon and enhanced and the hi-tech slots on offer today are a far cry from the original Liberty Bell that first got players hooked.

Video slot games have been largely responsible for changing the way players enjoy slots entertainment, but technology has also played a huge role in making these games even more accessible and advanced. Today, the video slot is the most popular form of the game and cutting edge, graphic-rich, feature filled titles such as Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider, The Dark Knight and Avalon have set the bar extremely high.

Humble Slots Beginnings

Charles’s Fey invented the very first slots machine back in the late 1880’s and it quickly became an incredibly popular game with players in the USA and around the world. A level operated the Liberty Bell and mechanical reels spun until they lost momentum, came to a halt and revealed a combination of symbols that, if matching, could result in a payout.

Fey’s first slots machine set the scene for many others that followed and the one armed bandit soon became a feature in most saloons, bars or gaming rooms. These original slots may not have been anywhere as sophisticated as the video slot, but they had a certain charm and elegance that added to their appeal.

Onwards to Electromechanical Slots

In the 1960’s Bally Manufacturing developed the first electromechanical slots machine that no longer required a lever. This advancement made a huge impact on the casino industry as it meant that machines were more streamlined and were able to be automated in a number of ways.

Electromechanical slots were the first step in the direction of creating the video slot and by doing away with the lever and introducing an electrical element, an increasing number of different styles and types of games were quickly released. These earlier electromechanical slots looked a lot like video game machines and fast became the preferred option of players and operators alike.

The Dawn of the Video Slot

The 1970’s were a glorious decade for casino enthusiasts, as not only did they herald the dawn of the video slot, it’s also when the first video poker machines were created. Fortune Coin co developed the very first video slot, which featured a display mounted on a slot machine’s cabinet. IGT went on to produce these games in abundance and by the 1980’s the video slot was pulling in the crowds.

In 1994 Microgaming opened the first true online casino and the video slot was once again given a make over. By 1996, the video slot was one of the more played games online and the introduction of special features and second screen bonus rounds added to these games’ already immense appeal.

Today, the video slot features HD graphics, impressive animations, astounding sound effects and immersive sound tracks that add to the action. Many of these games are based on popular movies, characters or comic books and there are hundreds and hundreds of different styles, variants and genres available online. IGT, Playtech, Microgaming, BetSoft and NetEnt are just a few of the leading online video slot developers who have created astounding video slot games that can be enjoyed both on desktop computer and on mobile.