F1 Betting in Detail for Punters

Formula 1 racing is about as thrilling betting on sports can possibly get. With cars racing around glamorous world-famous tracks at speeds of up to 220mph, the volatile nature of high-speed motorcar racing and the thundering rush of blood to the head caused by unexpected pitstops all pretty much part of a single ‘day’s work’, it’s no surprise that thousands of fans regularly bet on their favourite teams and drivers and cars.

These are just some of Formula 1 racing’s most popular types of bets and strategies.

Outright Bets

An outright bet in F1, not unlike outright bets wagered in a large variety of sports, is the simplest bet available. Winning the bet is as simple as correctly predicting who will win the race being bet on, or even accurately predicting a set of podium finishing positions.

F1 Any Race Podium Finish Odds

A bettor may also decide to bet on a specific driver winning F1’s annual championship season. Since F1 names a winning championship driver and team based on a points system, the bettor will in this case make a decision based on the driver he or she thinks will score the highest number of points overall.

Driver Vs Driver Match Bets

Some bookies allow bettors to wager money on what is commonly referred to as an inter-team rivalry. This particular bet makes provision for two options: a choice between Driver A and Driver B. The points ranking system is once again strongly at play, and the bettor will, when making a Driver vs. Driver Match Bet, predict which driver of the two will by the end of the season rank higher up on the official F1 standings schedule.

Fastest Lap Odds

Another favourite outright bet is predicting which driver will complete the fastest lap during a particular race. Since this type of bet doesn’t require the bettor to wait all season for a result, many prefer the fastest lap wager to a bet involving championship odds.

Safety Car Bets

Bettors may even choose to wager money on whether or not a safety car will appear during a Grand Prix event. This type of bet requires only a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Helpful F1 Betting Strategies

Since Formula One is basically a data-driven (points) sport of which outcomes are influenced by a variety of race-day factors, its also a sport influenced by a wide arrangement of minute details. For this reason, an in-depth historical knowledge of the sport is necessary when wanting to show a profit.

Knowledge about especially race favourites is particularly useful when just starting out betting on F1. A world of useful F1 knowledge can be obtained by keeping updated with the help of news sites posting valuable information during the weeks leading up to the start of an annual F1 season. Be sure to read race reviews and study historical lap-times. And never, ever, underestimate the role of the weather when pre-determining F1 outcomes. Heavy rain and accidents often go hand in hand.