Beowulf Slot Guide for Casino Players Online

Beowulf is an epic poem, author unknown, which tells the tale of a Viking hero battling monsters and dragons and meeting fair maidens and wolf women. Quickspins’ online slot game of the same name is just as full of excitement and battles as the theme suggests.

Beowulf has 25 paylines, an excellent random bonus round and plenty of opportunities to win big in the free spins.

Theme and Visuals

This game takes slot visuals to a new level. The 3D images of terrifying dragons and smoky backdrops are a far cry from the bright cartoon graphics of so many other slots. This is what sets the game apart, as players can get fully immersed in the epic battle of this Scandinavian folklore slot.

The five reels feature symbols from the original tale. These are: a sword wielding monster, a girl, a wolf women and the figure of the brave Beowulf on the side.

The monster is Gendel. This character also features in the original story and is rendered in splendid detail to make him appear to be a terrifying adversary. He is the enemy in the randomly generated Bonus game and players must defeat Gendel to win the bonus. A relative of the monster, his mother is featured in the Free Spin feature.

Another game within a game feature is a call to kill the dragon where players must use the space bar to climb up and stab Gendel.

Beowulf Gameplay

The 5 reel setup and 25 paylines are regular slot features but the free spins and chance to multiply big are the extras that have been most favourably reviewed by other players.

Like gamblers choosing the bet values at, players can choose how much they want to bet using the buttons to increase or decrease coin values and how many paylines they want to play.

The player does not control the Gendel attack feature and the attack can happen anytime. When the monster appears on reel 5, Beowulf moves in to kill. The number of free spins is dependent on monsters killed. Some symbols turn Wild for the rest of the respins.

When Gendel’s mother appears, it could be time for a Free Spin. Three or more of these Scatters will reward players with Free Spins. The win is bigger for more than three of the monster’s mother, with wins becoming progressively larger the more symbols on the reels.

Other free spins are awarded in the dragon battle round. The sword and dragon symbols are Wild. The sword ups Beowulf’s health and the dragon Wild takes it down. Beowulf must reach full health for the free spins.

There are wins for finding the good characters such as the wolf women and the king. The Wilds mentioned above are not the only wilds in the game. Wild Beowulf allots prizes to base symbols that are swapped out and Wild Horn can get players big wins.

Beowulf All in All

This online slot stands out for its graphics and well-realised theme. The Medieval epic is played out in all its glory in the exciting bonus and free spins features and offers some good opportunities for lining up big wins.