A Quick Look at Platinum Play Online Casino

The Platinum Play Casino is an online gambling venue with a focus on casual games. Roulette, blackjack, poker and the other classics are also available, but the intention of the website is to offer games that may be played quietly alone. Be sure to take note also of the instant play feature offered by the website, which is the fastest way to jump straight into the action, without having to navigate and menus. Note that this website has a minimum deposit requirement of twenty Euros.

Casual Games

The Platinum Play Casino has a dedicated casual games section, for those who prefer a little less excitement, and a little more easy breathing. Sure, everyone loves a pulse pounding game of roulette or blackjack but sometimes it’s good to just sit back and have a few spins on a charming slot machine. Visit the casual game section of the casino now if you’d prefer less tension and more relaxation.

Digital Scratch Cards

The Platinum Play Casino has a wide range of digital scratch cards. These cards work much the same way as their real world counterparts, and require a player to simply expose a hidden area to reveal potential winnings. Of course, not every card is a winning card, but those that are winning cards are sure to put a smile on the face of the gambler. Try a few now and see what prizes lay waiting beneath the scratch area. Note that some special feature games even offer free scratch cards as bonus prizes.

Special First Deposit Deal

All new users to the Platinum Play Casino can look forward to this highly generous first deposit special offer. Once a player has made an account, verified that account, and is logged in, the option will then be given to make a first deposit. In order to encourage high first deposits, the casino will match the amount, one hundred percent, up to a total of two hundred Euros. This bonus cash is subject to a 30X wager requirement, which applies also to any money earned with the bonus cash. A wager requirement means that the receiver of a bonus must make a certain number of bets before bonus cash may be withdrawn from a casino. In the case of a 30X wager requirement, it simply means that the user will have to make at least thirty wagers equal to the initial deposit before the bonus money may be withdrawn. This is a safety measure by the casino, and ensures that new users will not simply withdraw the bonus amount and never return.

Instant Play Feature

Instead of browsing menus, searching for a game, and logging in, why not try the instant play feature? By simply clicking the instant play button you will be dropped right into a game like trying out eSports betting at https://esportsbettingaustralia.com.au/review/ladbrokes/ today after choosing the “Bet” option. Which game is unknown, but that’s half the fun of the experience. This is the fastest, most streamlined way to jump right into the action at the Platinum Play Casino. If you don’t like the game you have landed up in, simply tap instant play again and you will be taken to another game.